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Consistent authentication for all use cases

The authentication process is always the same:
Depending on the application and integration, users trigger the authentication process, for example, by scanning a QR code, pressing a mobile link, push, or another supported trigger. Important information is then transparently listed within the Xign.Me app as part of the data request. If users agree and confirm the request with their biometric feature, authentication takes place. The standardized and fast process, intuitive handling and, last but not least, the transparency of personal data ensure a high level of acceptance, an increased sense of security and the trust of users.


XignIn: Strong components in variable interaction

The XignIn technology basically consists of three components: The XignIn manager, the XignIn SDK and an app that has an integrated XignIn SDK. It does not matter whether the Xign.Me app or a customer-specific app on the user's smartphone is used for authentication.

Icon XignIn-Manager
XignIn Manager

The server-side component and at the same time the heart of the XignIn technology. In addition to pure authentication, many other functionalities are available. Thanks to "no-code integration" via plug-in technology and open standards, commissioning is extremely uncomplicated.

Icon XignIn-SDK

The "key" for authentication with XignIn. The SDK is available as a native library for Android and iOS and can be integrated into any app. Use it easily and quickly for your own eco-system thanks to "low-code integration"!

Icon Xign.Me

The tool for all end-users to easily and securely authenticate with their personal smartphone. Clear, intuitive and barrier-free. Use the Xign.Me app and benefit from our sophisticated eco-system.

Technical overview of the XignIn authentication solution

Individual customer requirements, individual operating variants

Simple and Comfortable: XignIn as Software-as-a-Service

Integrate XignIn as a SaaS solution into your application and leave the administration work to us. You don't need any additional hardware or other resources. Benefit directly from fast and uncomplicated start-up, low operating costs and professional data management in certified data centers.

For your own cosmos: XignIn as on-premise

As an alternative to the SaaS variant, we also offer the integration of XignIn as on-premise into your existing system. You have full control, are completely flexible, autonomous and can customize the solution to the highest degree.

The combination: XignIn as a hybrid service

Unite the SaaS and on-premise worlds with XignIn. Use your existing on-premise or SaaS identity and authentication infrastructure and increase the usability, security and flexibility of your existing systems with XignIn SaaS.

Added value

Future-oriented authentication for our everyday life

Traditional authentication methods, such as the combination of username and password, are not solutions that can stand up to the challenges of today and tomorrow and meet individual customer requirements. In many respects, a paradigm shift is needed, which we are driving forward with our pioneering authentication solution XignIn.

Man uses biometric sensors of his smartphone for login instead of using passwords
Man uses biometric sensors of his smartphone for login instead of using passwords

Password-free through everyday life - now and in the future

Despite serious risks and high economic disadvantages, passwords are traditionally still widely used. Not only companies and municipalities suffer from this, but also end users. The authentication solution XignIn combines highest security with intuitive handling and therefore completely dispenses with passwords for good reasons. Instead, we rely on biometric features, strong cryptography and the use of hardware security modules (HSM). In this way, we also offer end-users:inside a smooth and convenient login experience.

Benefits for municipalities and enterprises:

  • Improved user experience by ending password fatigue and frustration
  • Increased user productivity
  • Reduced administrative overhead: time and costs are saved, for example, through fewer help desk tickets and password resets
  • Effective protection against cyber attack
Joyful man holding a smartphone

Intuitive use and fast authentication for everyone

The smooth and intuitive usability of the XignIn technology takes on a central importance - users in all their diversity are in the foreground. To cover the widest possible spectrum of users and ensure maximum accessibility, all user interfaces of the Xign.Me app and the XignIn Manager are designed to be clear, intuitive and barrier-free according to WCAG Level AA+. All processes and workflows are kept as efficient and transparent as possible despite maximum security. The authentication process as such takes only a few seconds despite maximum security. The use of already known authenticators and processes, such as biometric features or the system-side device lock to secure the app, creates a high level of acceptance and trust among users. With the help of XignIn technology, authentication processes can be standardized and merged for a wide variety of real and digital application areas of the smart city, independent of device, location and time.

Joyful man holding a smartphone
IT security expert sits at a table with three screens and checks the system
IT security expert sits at a table with three screens and checks the system

Maximum security in the digital age

XignIn technology is based on a public key infrastructure and uses only state-of-the-art hash algorithms, encryption methods and protocols. Hardware Security Modules (HSM) are used to secure the cryptographic procedures. In the form of multifactor authentication, XignIn offers significant gains in security, speed and ease of use compared to conventional authentication solutions. The technology (Xign.Me, XignIn, FIDO2 server) has been assessed by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) with the eIDAS security level "substantial".

Convenient security:

  • Secure data management in certified data centers (XignIn SaaS)
  • Access to manager interface strongly secured for admins as well as normal users
  • Easy policy management by group or service
  • Lifecycle management for users and devices
  • Role-based access management
  • Encrypted databases
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As individual as your specific requirements

An authentication solution that serves any application area from the digital and real world: Whether as 1-factor, multi-factor authentication or even as a second factor to extend existing authentication procedures - XignIn will also meet your individual requirements. Thanks to its compatibility with the BSI TR-03160 technical guideline, XignIn technology is also suitable for direct connection to state and federal infrastructure and the service accounts of public administration levels.

Configure instead of implement:

  • Support for open standards such as OpenID Connect, FIDO2, SAML, Active Directory
  • Plug-ins for identity management systems such as KeyCloak and ForgeRock
  • Different triggers for initiating an authentication process: In addition to QR code, mobile links and, in the near future, PUSH, NFC, WLAN and Bluetooth are also conceivable
  • Flexible adaptation and combination of authentication factors
  • Low-code solution for developers: Own projects and own applications via APIs, SDKs and documentation
  • Wide range of XignIn plugins: WordPress, OmniAuth, OpenProject, Django CMS, and many more
Room with colorful LED lighting
Futuristic illuminated escalator
Futuristic illuminated escalator

More than just authentication: Modular extensibility

XignIn technology is developed using a modular approach. This brings the advantage that the core function of authentication can be seamlessly extended with additional functionalities, such as identity and access management.
Through solid technology partners, we can offer secure and certified identification procedures (KYC) via video-ident and selfie-ident, as well as qualified electronic signatures (QES), but also physical access to buildings, vehicles, lockers and sharing offers.

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Data sovereignty and transparency at the core

Our goal as XignSys is to make the Internet a more equitable and secure place - not only for communities and businesses, but also for every end user. To achieve this, we focus on the user and the protection of his personal data, as well as his sovereignty over it. Only this approach makes it possible for people to live together in the digital sphere.
The smart city also means that everyone can benefit equally from a smart and connected city and should be able to participate in it. Every person has the right to have their data protected and to decide for themselves where and how their data is used. That is why users of the XignIn technology have and retain full control over their personal data in a DSGVO-compliant manner and can also manage it themselves via the XignIn Manager interface. In addition, there is the option of merging multiple digital identities for easier management. During each authentication process, all data requested by the respective service is transparently listed and only released by explicit user consent.

Woman standing in big room under dome and looking upwards