Smart Energy & Environment

The change in the energy sector based on digitization is manifold! New opportunities and business models are also facing significant risks, especially from cyber-attacks - in 2020 these alone amounted to financial damage of 53 billion EURO! A uniform, secure but also user-friendly identity and authentication management are the first step to success...

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Smart Education

At least since COVID-19, digital learning platforms have become an integral part of our everyday lives. However, access to these platforms must be made even more secure and, above all, more user-friendly. A coherent system can and should be pursued in this context - this is even possible for physical access to universities and school facilities...

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Smart Health

Digitization of the healthcare industry holds enormous opportunities: processes in and between hospitals, care facilities, doctors, pharmacies, health insurers and patients can be significantly simplified, thereby reducing costs. At the same time, however, it is also important to protect sensitive patient data and the system from cyber-attacks...

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Smart Government

The digitization of public administration is progressing steadily, and in Germany the Online Access Act forms the legal basis. To make the change successful and sustainable from the citizens' point of view, user-friendly and at the same time secure identification and authentication is an essential cornerstone for all further processes...

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Smart Economy

According to McKinsey, the successful use of Digital Identities can lead to economic growth of >3% - another example of the countless opportunities of digitization. However, the current reality shows that currently over 50% of companies are holding back innovation due to uncertainty around GDPR compliance! Fear of cyberattacks is also high! However, solutions are available...

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Smart Mobility

Mobility is being redefined these days - it's all about getting to your destination safely, quickly and as relaxed as possible. The complete digitization of processes, but also digitization connected to the use of vehicles, will revolutionize the market - the secure and user-friendly identification and authentication of users plays a crucial role here...

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Smart Home

The integration and controls of different appliances, devices and gadgets in the household creates significant cost savings and more convenience for users. The market is growing annually and continuously by more than >50%! At the same time, the risks of cyber-attacks are also increasing in this area! Secure and user-friendly authentication is essential.


Xign.In, the Smartphone & FIDO2 based SaaS solution is the ideal common base for the diverse identification requirements in a Smart City - it is the only one combining flexibility with outstanding usability and highest security.

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Making smart cities attractive

More than 70% of the population in Germany will live in cities in 2030. We need a digital transformation toward "smart cities" that can make the living space attractive and worth living for everyone!

Making smart cities attractive

More than 70% of the population in Germany will live in cities in 2030. We need a digital transformation toward "smart cities" that can make the living space attractive and worth living for everyone!

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Smart City: The whole is more than the sum of its parts!

Interoperability of systems

Unrestricted interoperability of systems is essential so that operators and citizens can experience the added values of the smart city and the quality of life increases sustainably. However, the term "smart city" remains just an empty phrase if the individual segments are considered separately and IoT / ICT systems and platforms do not communicate with each other.

The importance of digital identities

Secure & user-friendly digital identification and authentication of identities is a critical basic element for the efficient use of networking systems and the broad application of the services by users.

The solution

Xign.Me - the login for the smart city

The possibilities of digitization, the areas of application and thus the requirements for the use of digital identities are diverse. Only a technology that offers flexibility, user-friendliness and security can meet all these requirements in a uniform manner.

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Tested and confirmed by the BSI.
Technology Made in Germany based on European security requirements.

Icon User-friendly


With Xign.Me, using passwords is a thing of the past. Secure authentication can be done intuitively within seconds.

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Innovative & secure

The technology enables password-free authentication - it is based on the use of digital certificates and biometric functions.

Icon Flexible


The solution can be used not only for digital but also for analog services, as well as seamlessly integrated into existing networks, apps and portals.

Icon Efficient

Efficient & simple

The solution does not require any additional hardware. The smartphone or PC based on FIDO2 is used for authentication.

Icon GDPR compliant

GDPR compliant

You decide how your data is used!

Segment focus

Application areas

Digitization is creating new opportunities for efficiency gains, cost reduction, service improvement and sustainability in all areas! Each of these areas must be understood and served in order to achieve the big picture, the Smart City.

Smart Economy

Portals, platforms, building access, digital signatures
Coherently, securely and easily authenticate employees, partners and customers and protect sensitive data.

Smart Education

Learning platforms, education portals, digital exams
Create convenient and secure access to digital education and protect students and teachers.

Smart Energy and Environment

Customer management systems, smart metering, Internet of Things
Mastering the transformation to a digital application partner and strengthening the security of critical infrastructures.

Smart Government

Citizen centers, citizen participation, city app
Digitizing public administration and successfully implementing the Online Access Act for the benefit of citizens.

Smart Health

Patient records, e-prescription, digital check-in
Digitizing the healthcare system, increasing efficiency and enhancing the security of sensitive data and systems.

Smart Mobility

Private and public mobility solutions, lockers, packing stations, last mile
Connecting means of transport and providing intelligent mobility solutions for all citizens.


Driving the digital transformation together

The innovations and fundamental changes needed to restore digital freedom for users based on trust and frictionless security can only be driven forward together with strong partners!

Smart city applications based on the intelligent use of digital identities

The applications of a smart city are so diverse that no one company can offer an all-encompassing solution for all requirements. To offer holistic solutions, strong partners and close cooperation are required. Together, we help users achieve digital freedom based on trust and seamless security and form the identity foundation for the cities of the future.

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