Protecting access to sensitive data

Whether in private or public institutions, in the enterprise or in the healthcare sector - data is the gold of today. Sensitive data, such as personal information, patient or payment data, is particularly worthy of protection and often becomes the target of cyber attacks. Secure, high-quality and DSGVO-compliant protection is therefore indispensable.

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Secure access to sensitive data

With XignIn, we deliver a solution that secures the authentication process and the corresponding access to data in a reliable and user-friendly manner.

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Data sovereignty lies with you

Our technology offers secure and reliable authentication. You alone retain sovereignty over the data - we work 100 percent GDPR compliant.

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Future-oriented login

The innovative use of digital certificates, biometric features and the use of state-of-the-art cryptographic methods makes authentication not only easier, but also more secure.


Pioneering authentication for our everyday lives

Traditional authentication methods, such as the combination of username and password, are not solutions that can withstand the challenges of today and tomorrow and meet individual customer requirements. In many respects, a paradigm shift is required, which we are driving forward with our forward-looking authentication solution XignIn.

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Focus on data sovereignty and transparency

Our goal as XignSys is to make the Internet a fairer and safer place - not only for communities and businesses, but also for all end-users. To achieve this, we focus on the user and the protection of personal data, as well as the sovereignty over it. A smart city also means that everyone can benefit equally from a smart and connected city and should be able to participate in it. Every person has a right to have their data protected and to have sovereignty over where and how their data is used.


  • 100% GDPR compliant
  • Approval of data by users during each authentication process
  • Customers have a continuous overview of which data has been shared
  • Multiple digital identities can be merged
Woman standing in big room under dome and looking upwards
IT security expert sits at a table with three screens and checks the system
IT security expert sits at a table with three screens and checks the system

Highest IT security in the digital age

XignIn technology is based on a public key infrastructure and uses only the latest hash algorithms, encryption methods and protocols. Hardware Security Modules (HSM) are used to secure the cryptographic procedures. In the form of multifactor authentication, XignIn offers significant gains in security, speed and ease of use compared to conventional authentication solutions. The technology (Xign.Me, XignIn, FIDO2 server) is currently in the certification phase according to eIDAS security level "substantial" by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

Convenient security:

  • Secure data management in certified data centers (XignIn SaaS)
  • Access to manager interface strongly secured for both admins and normal users
  • Easy policy management by group or service
  • Lifecycle management for users and devices
  • Role-based access management
  • Encrypted databases
Smart City

Application areas

Digitization creates new opportunities for efficiency gains, cost reductions, service improvements and sustainability in all areas! Each of these areas must be understood and served to achieve the big picture, the Smart City.

Smart City: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

The term "Smart City" is just an empty phrase if the individual segments are considered separately and IoT / ICT systems and platforms do not communicate with each other. Unrestricted interoperability of the systems is essential so that operators and citizens can experience the added value of the smart city and the quality of life increases sustainably.

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Smart Health

Patient file, e-prescription, digital check-in
Digitizing the healthcare system, increasing efficiency and enhancing the security of sensitive data and systems.

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Smart Government

Citizen center, citizen participation, city app
Digitize public administration and successfully implement the Online Access Act for the benefit of citizens.

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