Illustration: Smartphone stellt auf dem Display abstrakt die Anwendungsgebiet von XignIn im Kontext der Smart City dar
Illustration: Smartphone stellt auf dem Display abstrakt die Anwendungsgebiet von XignIn im Kontext der Smart City dar

Future authentication for our everyday life

In times of digitalization, increasing cybercrime and data protection awareness, secure and intuitive authentication methods are needed.The XignIn authentication solution uniquely combines the highest level of security with the simplest handling for all application areas equally - without any password or additional hardware. Benefit from the wide range of application scenarios in everyday life and effectively protect your sensitive data.

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81% of all data leaks are due to stolen passwords and identities. 70% of all German companies were demonstrably affected by cyberattacks in 2018.

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Smart cities require interoperable and sustainable technologies

Sustainability and digitalization are key players in the global transformation and are impacting all areas of our lives. This also leads to a rethinking of cities: With the help of networked technologies, the quality of life of citizens should be improved and scarce resources should be used efficiently. However, a sustainable and long-term development toward a smart city can only succeed with interoperable technologies that unite the different segments and thus enable the broad use of smart services. The crucial basis for the efficient use of ICT platforms and for ensuring user trust and data protection is a secure and user-friendly digital identification & authentication solution.

Discover Smart City with XignIn
Illustration: Smart City mit XignIn

A digitally connected world must be secure and user-friendly at the same time

Digital identities for cases in a Smart City

We at XignSys Gmbh want to contribute with our technology to make the Smart City experienceable and accessible for everyone. Not just on the machine level of sensors, but from the perspective of the citizen. To this end, we offer different types of authentication and, in addition, an entire identity ecosystem. The interoperability of our solution enables integration into all digital and real application areas of a smart city. Thus, security systems can be connected through digital identities.

Sustainable digitalization by people for people

It is important to us to enable digital participation. By removing passwords, cumbersome one-time passwords and expensive hardware, we bring incredible ease to the process of authentication. Users of any kind, any financial or social background, any social position, users with disabilities or cognitive limitations we thus help to participate in digital life.

“What has been developed in Gelsenkirchen is forward-looking and serves as a model for other municipalities not only in North Rhine-Westphalia, but throughout Germany.”

Dr. Thomas König
Head of the Innovation, Future Markets,
Technology Transfer Group at the MWIDE of the State of NRW

Markus Hertlein im Wissenschaftspark Gelsenkirchen mit Smartphone

Driving the digital transformation together

The innovations and fundamental changes needed to restore digital freedom for users* based on trust and frictionless security can only be driven forward together with strong partners!

Smart city applications based on digital identities

The applications of a smart city are so diverse that no one company can offer an all-encompassing solution for all requirements. In order to offer holistic solutions, strong partners and close cooperation are required. Together, we help users achieve digital freedom based on trust and seamless security, and form the identity foundation for the cities of the future.

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