Reduce password management costs

The use of more or less good passwords has traditionally grown. However, one thing is now becoming increasingly clear: passwords are primarily insecure, inefficient and user-unfriendly. So it's no coincidence that more than 80 percent of all cyber attacks are based on stolen passwords. This is especially due to the fact that we humans are not designed to remember a high variety of different passwords, which should also be complex and long-chained. Using passwords for logins leaves the gateways for cyber attacks wide open with currently more than ten billion login credentials published online, sensitive data stolen and published, and significant economic losses.

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Minimizing security risks

Much better authentication methods that combine security and intuitive usability have long been available. They offer great savings potential by minimizing security risks.

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Preventing theft

Because the best theft protection is that there is nothing that can be stolen, these methods also dispense with additional hardware such as keys, smart cards, etc.

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Reducing service costs

This also makes the immense service costs associated with forgotten passwords a thing of the past. Our passwordless authentication solution XignIn is the answer to these and other challenges.


Pioneering authentication for our everyday lives

Traditional authentication methods, such as the combination of username and password, are not solutions that can withstand the challenges of today and tomorrow and meet individual customer requirements. In many respects, a paradigm shift is required, which we are driving forward with our forward-looking authentication solution XignIn.

Man uses biometric sensors of his smartphone for login instead of using passwords

Password-free through everyday life - now and in the future

Despite serious risks and high economic disadvantages, passwords are traditionally still widely used. Not only companies and municipalities suffer from this, but also the end users. The authentication solution XignIn combines highest security with intuitive handling and therefore completely dispenses with passwords for good reasons. Instead, we rely on biometric features, strong cryptography and the use of hardware security modules (HSM). In this way, we also offer end-user:in a smooth and convenient login experience.


  • Improved user experience by ending password fatigue and frustration
  • Increase user productivity
  • Reduced administrative overhead: time and costs are saved, for example, through fewer help desk tickets and password resets
  • Effective protection against cyber attacks
Man uses biometric sensors of his smartphone for login instead of using passwords
IT security expert sits at a table with three screens and checks the system
IT security expert sits at a table with three screens and checks the system

Highest IT security in the digital age

XignIn technology is based on a public key infrastructure and uses only state-of-the-art hash algorithms, encryption methods and protocols. Hardware Security Modules (HSM) are used to secure the cryptographic procedures. In the form of multifactor authentication, XignIn offers significant gains in security, speed and ease of use compared to conventional authentication solutions. The technology (Xign.Me, XignIn, FIDO2 server) is currently in the certification phase according to eIDAS security level "substantial" by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

Convenient security:

  • Secure data management in certified data centers (XignIn SaaS)
  • Access to manager interface strongly secured for both admins and normal users
  • Easy policy management by group or service
  • Lifecycle management for users and devices
  • Role-based access management
  • Encrypted databases
Smart City

Application areas

Digitization creates new opportunities for efficiency gains, cost reductions, service improvements and sustainability in all areas! Each of these areas must be understood and served to achieve the big picture, the Smart City.

Smart City: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

The term "Smart City" is just an empty phrase if the individual segments are considered separately and IoT / ICT systems and platforms do not communicate with each other. Unrestricted interoperability of the systems is essential so that operators and citizens can experience the added value of the smart city and the quality of life increases sustainably.

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Smart Economy

Portals, platforms, building access, digital signatures
Uniform, secure and simple authentication of employees, partners and customers and protection of sensitive data.

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Smart Education

Learning platforms, education portals, digital exams
Create a convenient and secure login to digital education offerings and protect students and teachers.

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