Digitalization of the
healthcare system

The Covid pandemic has unfortunately shown it in a striking way - without health, everything is nothing. The thoughtful use of technology can help deliver the best care to patients while easing the burden on staff at a time when the healthcare system is facing major and increasingly complex challenges.
However, processes not only need to become simpler and more cost-efficient, but also more secure. Consistent protection of sensitive healthcare data and effective protection against the ever-increasing number of cyber-attacks are hugely important.


digital solutions can generate savings of €34 billion per year


of all potential savings are based on the secure and efficient use of digital identities

> 200%

increase in cyber-attacks on hospitals in 2020

Illustration: Smart Health with XignIn


digital solutions can generate savings of €34 billion per year


of all potential savings are based on the secure and efficient use of digital identities

> 200 %

increase in cyber-attacks on hospitals in 2020

White modern hospital

You take care of people, we take care of security!

The opportunities of digitization can be maximized through intelligent networking of systems. At the same time, the increasing number of cyber-attacks on healthcare infrastructure pose a major threat - after all, human lives are at stake when sensitive systems are put out of action. With XignIn, our unified, secure and intuitive solution to manage digital identity in analog and digital use cases, we offer you the ideal basis to address these issues in an optimal way.

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The flexibility of XignIn

For doctors, patients and smooth administration

When developing XignIn, we placed great emphasis on creating a piece of technology that combines user-friendliness and security and does not compromise in one direction or the other. Our solution is easy to integrate with a wide variety of applications and use cases and is suitable not only for digital processes, but also for physical ones. XignIn offers a unified solution that can be used to implement a wide variety of scenarios and thus leverage the opportunities for digitization in the various areas of healthcare.

Doctor talking to elderly lady and showing her something on a tablet
Doctor talking to patient and showing her something on a tablet
Woman got a drug from the pharmacy with the help of an e-prescription
Man checks his blood pressure readings digitally with smartphone
Doctor talking to elderly lady and showing her something on a tablet
Added value for users

Innovation Made in Germany

XignIn combines a wide variety of added values, often seemingly incompatible in the past, in a single solution, making it ideal for use in a wide range of areas

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Certified by the BSI -
Technology Made in Germany for European security requirements.

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With XignIn, the use of passwords is a thing of the past. Secure authentication can be done intuitively within seconds.

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Innovative & (future) secure

The technology enables password-free authentication - it is based on the use of digital certificates and biometric attributes.

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The solution can be used not only for digital but also for analog services, and can be seamlessly integrated into existing networks, apps and portals.

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Efficient & simple

The solution does not require any additional hardware. The smartphone or computer based on FIDO2 is used for authentication.

Icon DSGVO konform

GDPR compliant

You decide how your data is used!

Our Expertise

Cyber Security Made in Germany

We understand the segment-specific challenges in the Smart City! But above all, we are also experts in the field of cyber security! With XignIn, we offer a highly innovative SaaS solution that addresses all the challenges of our increasingly digitalized world.

Illustration: Smartphone abstractly represents the application area of XignIn in the context of the Smart City on the display

XignIn - Future authentication for your everyday life

The structure, the well-thought-out architecture and the individual features of our SaaS solution XignIn enable the combination of highest security, intuitive use and the greatest possible flexibility in application.

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IT security expert sits in front of three screens and monitors the current system status

Reduce the risk of cyber attacks

The problem often lies with the users. 81% of all data leaks are due to stolen passwords and identities. We have a solution!

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Man in data center checks current system status on his laptop

Protect access to sensitive data

Patients and physicians see significant value in digital health solutions, but at the same time expect that no one can gain access to personal data.

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