Enabling fully digital transactions

Whether it is a matter of using administrative services, digital processes between customers and companies, or the wide range of transactions in a smart city, the benefits are always real when processes can not only be initiated or requested online, but can also be fully implemented and completed. In this context, the highest demands are placed - and rightly so - on data privacy, data sovereignty and security.

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Digital identity as a prerequisite

The prerequisite for completing digital transactions is the need for unambiguous digital identities by means of which customers, users and citizens can uniquely identify and authenticate themselves.

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Implementing electronic signatures

In this way, all transactions can be fully implemented, digital and physical processes can be interlinked, and, last but not least, digital signatures can be provided.

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XignIn creates the foundation

The integration of XignIn lays the foundation for fully implementing mobile and secure identification and authentication processes without additional hardware, which of course comply with regulatory requirements.


Pioneering authentication for our everyday lives

Traditional authentication methods, such as the combination of username and password, are not solutions that can withstand the challenges of today and tomorrow and meet individual customer requirements. In many respects, a paradigm shift is required, which we are driving forward with our forward-looking authentication solution XignIn.

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As individual as your specific requirements

An authentication solution that serves any application area from the digital and real world: whether as 1-factor, multi-factor authentication or even as a second factor to extend existing authentication procedures - XignIn will also meet your individual requirements. Thanks to its compatibility with the BSI TR-03160 technical guideline, XignIn technology is also suitable for direct connection to state and federal infrastructure and the service accounts of public administration levels.


  • Support of open standards such as OpenID Connect, FIDO2, SAML, Active Directory
  • Plugins for identity management systems such as KeyCloak and ForgeRock
  • Different triggers for initiating an authentication process
  • Flexible adaptation and combination of authentication factors
  • Low-code solution for developers: Own projects and own applications via APIs, SDKs and documentation
  • Wide range of XignIn plugins: WordPress, OmniAuth, OpenProject, Django CMS, etc.
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Futuristic illuminated escalator
Futuristic illuminated escalator

More than just authentication: modular extensibility

XignIn technology is developed using a modular approach. This brings the advantage that the core function of authentication can be seamlessly extended with additional functionalities, such as identity and access management. Through solid technology partners, we can offer secure and certified identification procedures (KYC) via video-ident and selfie-ident, as well as qualified electronic signatures (QES), but also physical access to buildings, vehicles, lockers and sharing offers.

Smart City

Application areas

Digitization creates new opportunities for efficiency gains, cost reductions, service improvements and sustainability in all areas! Each of these areas must be understood and served to achieve the big picture, the Smart City.

Smart City: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

The term "Smart City" is just an empty phrase if the individual segments are considered separately and IoT / ICT systems and platforms do not communicate with each other. Unrestricted interoperability of the systems is essential so that operators and citizens can experience the added value of the smart city and the quality of life increases sustainably.

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Smart Economy

Portals, platforms, building access, digital signatures
Uniform, secure and simple authentication of employees, partners and customers and protection of sensitive data.

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Smart Mobility

Private and Public Mobility Solutions, Lockers, Packing Stations, Last Mile
Connecting means of transport and providing intelligent mobility solutions for all citizens.

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